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Cardinal Pet Care is the company that makes FULL LIFE FOR PETS and we’re a company of pet lovers that are “Devoted to Pets, People and the Planet.” We’re a solar powered company and you can read more about all the eco-friendly parts of our company at or learn more about our pet store brands which are hosted at My name is Barbara Denzer, the VP of Marketing, and I’ll be blogging about ways to help our pets live a long and healthy life. I’ll also tell you more about the people at our company and their pets, our favorite pet products, our favorite things to do with our pets and even the places we go that are related to pets.

Of course, as the makers of Full Life for Pets Omega Treats and Trainer’s Choice treats we’re proud to say that they’re healthy treats made from natural ingredients that each have special reasons you should choose them for your own pets! If your dogs have any kind of skin problem or have a dull or dry coat, choose Omega Treats. Packed with Omega 3 and 6 anti-oxidants, they’ll improve the look of your dog in as little as 3 weeks. If you’re

in the process of training your dog or are used to constantly reinforcing their good behavior, you’ll want to choose the Trainers Choice tidbits. They’re small and low in calories so you can feel confident about using them for repetitive training. They have an aroma that attracts dogs and focuses them on the task you’re teaching. Dogs want the treat so bad, it focuses them on the task. It rewards them when they complete the task and it makes training easier for both of you.


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