A Full Life Means Exercise & Exploring

Dog Park Bone pathOne important thing that keeps our pets healthy is exercise! Just like it’s good for us, it’s good for their health too, so exercising together is really a great idea. Just walking our dog everyday is also a social experience. Other people walking their dogs like to stop and compare notes and our dogs become more socialized with other people and their pets.

Our family pets have become good friends and chase, run and play with each other. They like to go to the local dog park but we don’t always have time. It’s up to us to make sure they get plenty of exercise so it’s really great when they spend hours chasing each other in our fenced in yard!  We’re lucky to have horses that are basically in the back yard. One of our young horses became really good friends with Tuesday, a lab-ridgeback mix that we rescued from a local parking lot. They are such good friends that Coco, an andalusian horse (aka PRE), dug a large oval hole in the corral where they lie down and sleep together! They play and chase each other around the corral. One day Coco waited for Tuesday to get close to the big round water bucket and she grabbed the lip of it in her mouth and tipped it over on Tuesday – who loved it! We’re very lucky that our pets are good companions and get a lot of exercise on their own.


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