And The Winner is…

Afro Circus 102812Angel WON the prize for the best decorated horse at the parade! There was another white horse that was painted to look like a zebra and it was a very good job. I think the boom box did the trick! Of course it didn’t hurt that most of the judges had seen the movie and Angel really did look like the character. We brought a lot of friends and everyone was so excited! – except Angel. She was cool. Nothing much bothers her . . . except maybe a gopher jumping out of its hole when the kids are riding her on the trails. She doesn’t like surprises.

There are lots of Dog Parades in the summer and even a few for Halloween parades for pets. What’s going on in your town? Events like this great ways that families can have fun with their pets. Pets are part of our family and they can add so much fun to our lives!


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