Veterans Day is for Dogs Too

Dogs of War Memorial Oct 12A couple days ago we were observing Veteran’s Day at a local parade. We owe our vets a lot and like to say thanks when we have the opportunity. And who doesn’t love a parade! We remember the war dogs on a day like that too. Dogs have played a big part in protecting and assisting our soldiers in wars, over 4,000 dogs participated in Vietnam alone. Military dogs for all 4 branches are trained at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, TX. Mainly there are 4 breeds that they train there: Belgian Malinois, Dobermans, German Shepherds and Labs. This year a special monument saluting the Dogs of War was commemorated to honor them. A campaign to create the monument was launched a few years ago by a veteran, dog handler John Burnam. (Yes, Congress had to get involved too.) Sculptor Paula Slater of Hidden Valley Lake California created a bronze statue of the 4 dog breed on alert with a combat soldier. The Maddie Foundation, Petco Charities and Natural Balance Inc. all committed the funds needed. Natural Balance will feature the statue on their annual float in the Rose Bowl Parade in January 2013 – only a couple months away – and then it will travel to Lackland Air Force base where it will be permanently displayed and cared for.


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