Thanksgiving Celebrations Include the Pets

Thanksgiving Dinner for DogThanksgiving! It’s the favorite holiday at our house because it’s just fun! Everyone has their favorite special Thanksgiving food  – that we only have once or twice a year, so it’s really something we look forward to. There’s no stressing over what to buy for who, how much to spend, how to wrap it, or all the details for some of the other holidays or even birthdays. It’s football, movies, games, good food, family and time to think about and talk about all the things we have to be thankful for. And our pets are part of the fun!  They get excited because they can feel our anticipation for the coming meal. Their ultra sensitive noses smell the turkey cooking and they know they’re going to get some. Even though technically their tummies are full because they eat in the morning, they can’t wait either! (Did you know that dogs get along fine only eating once a day because their digestive system is very slow compared to ours, so they feel satisfied for a full day. Of course, like us, they still love treats!) If there’s an outside activity they get to play too. There’s usually a long walk after dinner. The older kids who come home bring their dogs with them for the day. They all get along. They’re even happy to see each other. By evening, when we have our desert, they’re all sound asleep, exhausted from all the activity. We’re thankful for our pets, they’re part of our family!


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