Presents for Pets Too

Christmas PuppyThe Holidays are almost here! We celebrate Christmas and all the December holidays with our friends, staff and school friends. We never fail to look for some special holiday gifts for the pets. Even Scout the bunny gets a little toy or something special for the holidays. Almost all the pets need a new collar once or twice a year. Even if they don’t need a new one, their regular collars usually get an added holiday bow in December. They all get a couple extra baths during December, plus the usual clipping of nails and extra brushing their coats. We keep the paw wipes close to the back door and a bottle of designer pet fragrance handy so every pet looks clean and smells good for drop in friends. We have to be careful where we put the presents because Pippa, the whippet, loves to open them. She also gets cold easily so she likes her jammies and fleece lined coats. Cami, one of the cats, gets a supply of Pony tail bands for her gift. No, she doesn’t have a pony tail but for some reason she loves to carry them around. They almost always end up right next to her food dishes. Then one of us comes along and picks them up and shoots them across the room for her to chase. At least in December they are easy to find and clean up when company is coming, since they’re usually red and green. The horses get their winter coats out, get apples and carrots for treats and get extra days on the trail since more people are around to ride them. Muffy, the Bow Tie Christmas Catorange tabby, just likes extra treats. He wears his bow tie as if it’s a duty but secretly we know he likes being part of the festivities. Maisie, a mixed breed, is the intellectual of the group, she will get a new puzzle. She’s also a fashion plate and will get a new piece of apparel. Mickey, the miniature pinscher loves his Santa suit. Mickey’s like Pippa, if he’s not busy he gets cold easily. Sometimes he’ll go get his fleecy Santa suit and bring it to someone to put it on for him. I’ve even seen him wiggle into it himself a couple times. Of course every pet has a small stocking and they always have a few treats in them! Don’t forget your Full Life for Pets treats for your own pets! Holidays are just as fun for our pets as they are for us!


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