New Year’s Day!

2013Remember the War Dogs statue we talked about last November? A couple days ago we saw a replica of it on the Natural Balance float in the Rose Parade! In fact, our family went over to one of the warehouses in Irwindale (a stones-throw away from Cardinal Pet Care) to see the actual statue which was at the float building parking lot. Then we got to go inside and see all the floats at that location being assembled. The Natural Balance float had lots of media there taking pictures and doing interviews about the floral rendition of the actual memorial that was outside. There was also a float honoring pets and promoting the adoption of pets from pet shelters and rescues: the Beverly Hills Pet Care Foundation float: “Follow the Stars…Adopt a Pet!” They had an assortment of floral dogs and cats and won the trophy for the most beautiful non-commercial float. Today we watched TV with the rest of the nation and saw the same beautiful floats – in fully finished floral design – they’re amazing!


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