Winter & Puppy Bowl

Winter in California is really enjoyable for us – we used to live in Minneapolis! Here, the pets can still go in and out without boots and it doesn’t even rain that often. We still keep paw wipes near the door though. Two of the dogs with the skinny little legs and bodies wear their coats if it’s below 40 outside (rarely) but the other pets have heavy coats so they’re plenty warm when they’re outside exercising.

Puppy Bowl FootballSuperbowl Sunday is coming up Feb 3nd this year! Seems like that’s early this year? We usually trim back our roses around Superbowl Sunday and I was thinking that was closer to the 3rd week in February. However, I bring this up because that means it’s the PUPPY BOWL!  We always take time out to watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet sometime during the day. Who can resist those funny little pups running and jumping and chasing and then all of a sudden one of them is exhausted and lies down and goes to sleep while the rest are running right over him!


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