My Pet, My Valentine

Valentine in Dog pawsA new year and coming up soon … Valentine’s day!  The great thing about pets is that they never pass up an opportunity to give you a great big (and sometimes wet) kiss so how can you help but reward them with a special valentine? And what’s a “special valentine” for a dog?!? A Treat! Full Life for Pets Trainer’s Choice or Omega Chews are great for special treats because they’re healthy and they’re low cal. Plus, doTraining Treat Valentinegs love the aroma and taste! So here’s a cute way to give your dogs a ‘healthy’ valentine from Full Life for Pets!  Another thing our dogs love is a good scavenger hunt. We hide the treats outside. The first two treats are not too far from each other so that starts them looking right away. Then we space them farther apart so they have to really go on the hunt! It keeps them busy for a long time – in fact, they are always checking the yard out for treats now!

Busy February is about to start and Groundhog day is almost upon us. (Feb 2nd). Groundhogs [aka Woodchucks or Whistle Pigs (yes)] really don’t make great pets, they’re more in the wild animal category, but they do grab the media attention for a couple days in February. Truthfully, Groundhogs hibernate all winter, so don’t trust their predictions about spring coming, except for Punxsutawney Phil, they’re still sleeping!


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