Presidents Day Dogs

Dog w biscuit on noseFebruary is a great month for dogs historically speaking. There’s President’s day (which now includes both Lincoln’s birthday and Washington’s birthday). Historically the Presidents were pet lovers and most had dogs. President Lincoln’s dog, he looked like he was a Lab mix, was Fido. When Lincoln was a lawyer living in Springfield, Illinois, he was often seen walking with Fido following and often carrying a package for Lincoln. George Washington had quite a few dogs, mostly for hunting, and most were hounds. Apparently dogs were considered great gifts back then and Washington received seven from the country of France, two from England and the city of Philadelphia presented him with eight. He had a full-on dog kennels at Mount Vernon and actually inspected them every morning he was there. The AKC credits Washington with helping to develop the American Foxhound breed.

It’s also a big month for national pet days. It’s National Pet Dental Health month – yes we should be brushing our dog’s teeth. You can learn more about dental health at  It’s also Responsible Pet Owner’s Month. Of course the term “pet owner” is not PC (politically correct) anymore, it’s “pet parent” now. Love Your Pet Day is February 20th, so get that valentine treat idea out again! And, February 23 is National Dog Biscuit Day – gee I wonder who started that official day!?!  (For the record, because “pet lover” really includes all animals, it’s also World Whale Day (Feb 18th) and National Polar Bear day (Feb. 27) and we need to worry about protecting both of those species. It would not be as wonderful a world as it is today without Whales and Polar Bears.


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