March National Puppy Month Plus!

Whew! February is the shortest month but it was a busy month puppies white 228for pets! Coming up in March it’s National Puppy on the 23rd.  Started by the Animal Miracle Association, it’s a day for celebrating puppies. We like that!  Maybe Animal Planet will have a replay of the Puppy Bowl. We’d watch!  Which reminds me … if you haven’t watched the AP program called Too Cute Puppies, look for the schedule on your station and watch it!  It’s so interesting! Usually they follow a specific breed’s litter of puppies (or Kittens or Hedgehogs etc. There are several different versions of the show.) or tell a story like: The Making of a Guide Dog. It follows the litter from birth to the time they are ready to be adopted – about 10-12 weeks. The show really is too cute! Don’t miss it.


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